Arenas lima Proyect: "A smile for Latinoamerica"


In this walking tour you will have the opportunity to be part of the population of Lima. Take a walk on the famous yellow stairs and travel the narrow and beautiful roads to the hills and discover the beautiful views of the city of Villa El Salvador, one of the largest districts of Lima. During the tour, we will also visit a market, the local theater "Arena y Esteras". We will meet the friendly families of this pleasant community. The huge dimensions of the city and the breathtaking views are impressive for any visitor.



Upon arrival, you will be informed about some basic guidelines to follow during the tour.

As you slowly move towards the base of the hill, our guide will explain a bit about the community and its developments, urbanization projects, politics, religion and how this activity helps the community.

Step by step, begin your visit by the "yellow stairs", take a break to see some images of the incredible views of the great Lima, know the houses and interact with neighbors and families that we know during this experience of local life.

Stopping on the road to take pictures of typical houses, see first-hand the smiling children and working families of Lima. You will meet a local artisan who produces his crafts on the way to the hill, you will visit a local kindergarten and a theater where we will be part of a staging, it is worth saying that seeing some children while playing in the streets, where has the opportunity to be part of local activities, such as volleyball or soccer, with children

We have everything you need to make you feel 100% safe at all times.



  • Visit a local Market
  • Guided visit
  • Trasport



  • Donations from our visitors.



Afternoon turn      : pick up from hotels:  9:00pm – 9:30pm

Duration             : 04:30 Hrs



The suggested donations of our visitors to the NGO "Arenas y Esteras" is US $ 20.00 which may vary according to their own initiative, these may not necessarily be in cash, but have the alternative in educational materials, clothing Dress, among Others. "We do not recommend sweets"


Lima Travel, delivers a support of USD 10 for each visitor that is achieved to the organization "Arena y Esteras".



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